8 Before 30

8 Before 30

(a.k.a “8 Before It’s Too Late”)

I’m 28. It’s way too late for this sort of blog post. Usually, the topic is “30 Before 30.” I’d be kidding myself if I thought that was possible. So, I’m sticking with 8.

I poured my heart and soul into my last blog post, and I need to calm down a bit, and focus on more personal interests.

This is my “bucket list” of things I would love to accomplish before I hit 30. I have two years to go. Less than two. Nope, that doesn’t scare me in the slightest. Not at all. (I’m lying).

  • Go to Europe. I have so many people in my life that shame me for going to Disney all the time. So yes, I’m going to fulfill one of my dreams to visit Europe- but I’m visiting Disneyland Paris at the same time. Deal with it. (Insert “sunglasses” emoji here).


  • Write a novel. Or a draft of a novel. Or an outline of a novel. Eventually, this will lead to my next goal of becoming a writer and my own boss. Imagine it- getting to work from home with my dog laying across my lap, whilst I’m making millions? Yes.


  • Move into a bigger place and make it Pinterest-worthy. I’m going all Interior Decorator over this hypothetical new apartment/house/condo/whatever. I’ve lived in my current apartment for over three years, and while I’ve made it as cute and Disney-themed as I can, I’m ready for something more grown-up and chic. (I should have married rich).


  • Update my wardrobe. Along with my place of living, I need to start dressing more professionally at work, and more cute on the weekends (sweatpants, tank tops, and hoodies just aren’t cutting it anymore). I would love for people to actually start taking me seriously, and I know that doesn’t just have to do with my clothes, but I think it could help.


  • Give my blog a makeover. If I’m making over my home and my clothes, why not my blog? My blog is my writing resume and my personal bundle of joy right now- it deserves to be seen as the professional entity that it is (and not just as a hobby). I’d also love to learn more about marketing my blog (SEO and the like).


  • Take more pictures. I know this is a silly thing to put on a bucket list, but I’d love to have more pictures of my husband and I (that aren’t selfies). The only professional pictures I have of us were taken at our wedding. We didn’t even have an engagement shoot. Neither of us are big fans of having our pictures taken, but I must admit- I do get jealous when I see other people’s engagement photos.


  • Take more breaks from social media. I always say this, but this time I’m really going to follow through, for the sake of my mental health. There has been so much negativity on my many feeds lately, and I get so much anxiety over hearing the news. Hurricanes? White supremacists chanting “Jews will not replace us?” (I’m Jewish by the way. And a woman). It gets too much sometimes, and its human to want a break from it all. I’m glad I have the luxury to do that- I know not many others can escape their problems.

Also, there has been some drama on my Facebook regarding my 10-Year High School Reunion. This has brought back all my old anxieties I used to feel in High School, and I feel it would be beneficial to take a break from looking at the page and the comments. Basically, our class president was planning an epic, 3-day affair for our reunion this October, and it fell apart. People were upset and just being genuinely horrible to him, and while some of it was entertaining, it just reminded me why I avoided some of these people while I was in school.

Sorry for the mini-rant!


  • Start a family? Maybe? Everybody and their mother has been asking me about kids lately. I don’t have any answers yet. This will probably be more of a discussion as 30 looms closer over the horizon.


Anyway, fingers crossed I can complete some of the things on this list! Thanks for reading this post- I know it’s personal and different from the usual Disney fare, but change can be good sometimes! I promise I will be back to blogging about Disney in the next one.

Also, stay tuned for another giveaway soon!


Do you have a bucket list? Anyone else scared of getting older (like me)?

Hugs and fishes,


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6 thoughts on “8 Before 30

  1. Well, visiting Europe and writing a novel are on my goals list too. I don’t get the whole Pinterest thing, but I feel that’s something more girls are into than guys, lol.

    If you decide to have kids, congrats, and I hope you raise them to be DIsnerds, 😛 ! How many years have you been married, if I may ask?

    1. Haha yeah, for girls (at least my friends), having pretty and trendy homes are all the rage. I’m rubbish at Pinterest things, but I do want a nice, grown-up place! Visiting Europe and writing are great goals!

      Of course they will be DISnerds- if not, I’ll return them 😉 I’ve been married almost 2 years, but my husband and I met when we were 19…he’s my best friend! I got lucky.

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