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High School
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This is more of a personal post, so if you’re interested in reading about my embarrassing high school days…boy, you are in for a treat!

This post is inspired by my upcoming 10-Year High School Reunion, which I will not be attending.

The number one reason is because it’s $130+ per person, and while that’s not outrageous, I’d rather put that money toward a Disney vacation. Or a fancy dinner with just my husband and I. Or a new vacuum cleaner (we need one). Or, I don’t know…literally anything else on the planet.

I don’t want to offend anyone who is going, or who worked hard to put together the event. I know a lot of people really loved high school and are dying to see old friends, dress up on a fancy yacht, and get buzzed, while a poor middle schooler watches their kids at home (kidding, don’t come after me!).

I get really nervous at the thought of even replying “no” on the High School Reunion Facebook page, because I hate the thought of anyone, even people I never talk to, getting mad at me. Hence, this blog post.

Back in high school, I had my small group of friends, and didn’t fit in with anyone else. I wasn’t a “tough kid,” a “tomboy,” or a “cool girl.” The friendly gays, who loved everyone, didn’t even like me (though, I hope if they met me now, they would kind of like me). Those few close friends- I still talk to as of this day, and we don’t need a pricey reunion as an excuse to get together.

High School
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I was lucky in that I had friends at all. Of course, back in the early years of high school (9th and 10th grade), we’d have these petty, tri-monthly fights where one person would inexplicably get left out of the gang for a week. Luckily, these “fights” always wore off (we were just kids), and ended altogether once we inched toward senior year.

Did I mention I was somehow our class treasurer, and was on the prom planning committee? I still have no idea how that happened. I can’t even count properly while playing Monopoly.

Speaking of prom, I had a crush on this one guy, and we ended up going together as friends. He happened to have a crush on another (way cuter) girl, and stared longingly at her the whole night. However, we had some good conversations. I remember he once told me “I had funny observations” about people. That was my first hint that I should really be a writer. I mainly wanted a date so that I could take nice pictures, and so my grandkids wouldn’t think I was a loser.

Now, I really wish I had just gone solo (no offence, past prom date. I hope you’re living a good life). If only my future husband had gone to my school…

A few embarrassing moments stand out. One was during 10th grade I think, and it just so happened that NONE of my friends were in the same lunch period as I was. I had no one to sit with that whole semester, until lunch hours changed schedules. I remember spending my time pretending to stand in different food lines, “changing” my mind about my order at the last minute and going to a different line, just to make the 30 minutes go by faster.

Once, I mustered up the courage to ask this one girl (damn you, Stephanie R.) if I could eat with her and her friends, and she looked at me like I was the biggest loser on the planet. Which I can’t really argue with, and I’m sure she’s changed since then, but man. I never want to go through that experience again.

Another was when I agreed to help a group of friends with a class presentation. I played the music for them, and thought I was pausing and re-starting the music at the appropriate times. It turns out, all I had to do was just turn on the CD and let the music play without interruption. I TOTALLY messed up their whole group presentation, and I actually made one of my friends cry. Without my help, their presentation would have been awesome. I still feel bad about it to this day, and I remember this chick Ana muttering to me afterwards (“all you had to do was press play.”). Oops.

Oh, and in between 8th and 9th grade I had a super growth spurt in the chest region of my body. When I returned to school in Freshman year, everyone thought they were allowed to ask if I had a boob job. Yeah, because my parents totally allowed me to get plastic surgery at 14.

I guess what I’m trying to say during this whole tangent is that high school wasn’t my favorite time. I often felt lonely and awkward and anxious. I’d go home after an argument with my friends and write down everything I might have done to make them mad, and then my brain would be so frazzled I would have to take a nap.

I would enter rooms with my head down, and I apologized for absolutely everything (“Can I have a pencil, maybe, please? No? Okay, that’s totally fine, no problem! Sorry for bothering you!”). I would have apologized for my very existence if I could.

Not all days were bad. I lived for hanging out with my friends after school, life got better when my friends got into the same lunch period I did (I hate block scheduling), and Grad Nite at Disney was the bomb. As long as my friends were by my side, I had a blast. I still do.

However, I can’t imagine being stuck on a boat, with alcohol (which I don’t drink, because it gives me migraines), with people who probably wouldn’t sit next to me anyway (if they didn’t then, why would they now?).

I do hope everyone that goes has fun, but I know that I won’t be missed. I give props to the organizers of the event, but in all honesty, I’d rather stay home reading (because damn it, I’m an adult, and I can stay home and be anti-social if I want).


Thanks for reading this non-Disney personal post. I hope some other high school outcasts can relate.

Would you go to your 10-year High School Reunion? Would you say you invented Post-Its if you did?

Hugs and Fishes,


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4 thoughts on “About High School

  1. I don’t think I knew what a boob job was at age 14. Heck, I doubt I still know fully what it is, lol!

    I did online high school from home, so that had its goods and its bads. At least I don’t have any bad memories of classmates since it was just me.

    1. There are times I wish I could have done online high school. But I’m grateful for the experiences in the end; I grew stronger. I’m sure you’ve learnt valuable lessons as well (except what a boob job is). Thanks for the comment!

  2. You were a brilliant writer in high school. You won writing awards. I remember a bright, articulate, beautiful young lady. I enjoyed our conversations, especially those about writing. You seemed engaged in class; and although shy, you would share your thoughts when called upon, but I could see the dread in your eyes when I would call your name. I wish that I had been more perceptive about your feelings. I never went to any of my high school reunions, because I grew up in East Texas and was labeled a band fag because I loved playing the saxophone. I never felt the need to relive those days. So enjoy you’re night with your husband watching a Disney movie and know there’s an old English teacher out there who is still your biggest fan!

    1. This fills me with so much love. Just, thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for always believing in me. If I could go back, I’d pop an anxiety pill before class and then raise my hand for every damn question because, if I recall correctly, I ALWAYS knew I had the right answer. I wish it didn’t take me so long to realize that. I wish it didn’t take me so long to realize that there was an English teacher there for me who could’ve helped me be less of an anxious mess.

      I’m so glad we still have the chance to share our stories.

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