Am I Good Enough to be a Disney Vlogger?

With my husband out of town for a few days, I’ve spend a lot of time watching all things Disney. Usually I would be popping in Disney DVDs, but lately I’ve stumbled across a small community of Disney fans who film themselves at the Disney Parks- the Disney YouTubers, or “vloggers.”

It’s like watching a reality show; usually, these Vloggers are young, unmarried couples who go to the Disney Parks and film, and occasionally film themselves at home and going about their everyday life as well. It’s like getting a glimpse into someone’s personal reality, which I suppose is what YouTube is really all about. Except all these videos have a common theme- Disney.

I tend to focus on the couples around my and my husband’s own age- I’m always amazed by how confident they are in front of the camera, especially the girls. The girls are all thin, tend to have long, straight brown hair with soft curls at the end, and can do their makeup perfectly. Their outfits, hairstyles, and clothing are always “on point” for the parks, they never seem to sweat, and their teeth are so, so white. I guess you could say I’m pretty jealous.

I know I’ve written about YouTubers and Influencers before, but I never realized just how many childless, Disney couples there were out there who filmed their adventures. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve become way too invested in their lives, and I’ve started comparing my park experiences to theirs. I tend to watch and ask myself these questions:

  • Should I be filming at the parks too?
  • How come I don’t take pictures in front of “Instagram-worthy” walls?
  • Should I invest in a better camera?
  • How come my hair becomes a frizzy mess in the parks and theirs doesn’t?
  • How do they look so happy all the time, even when they’re tired? I know after a long day at the parks getting body checked by grandmas, I definitely don’t feel like smiling.
  • How do I get my makeup like that?
  • How do they afford those romantic restaurants and hotels?

I could keep going on, and I could keep feeding in to that green monster of envy.

However, I’ve decided to look on the bright side. While I may not always have the nicest clothes for the parks (sometimes it’s just jeans and a tank top for me, no cute dresses) or the best makeup (even with all the setting spray in the world, my makeup will never survive a hot day outside in Florida), I am grateful to have an amazing husband, and I am thankful that we do get to visit Disney as much as we can.

Sometimes, these Disney YouTubers film haul videos from their trips, and makeup and outfit tutorials for the parks, and I watch those with envy. I know that no matter how hard I try, I won’t end up looking like them. And that’s okay.

I’m not writing this post to try and gain compliments; I just wanted to jot down my feelings about self-esteem issues I feel when I watch these videos. The couples are lovely, don’t get me wrong- they’re all nice and interesting, and take great footage of the parks. I wouldn’t watch if they didn’t. Plus, some of them seem really down to earth. I think it’s normal to feel that pang of jealousy over their “glamorous” lifestyles, but then I must remind myself that this is social media, and I’m only seeing the highlight reels.

After watching a bunch of these videos, I’ve begun to seriously think about vlogging (“video blogging”) my time in the parks as well. But that will never be my style. I may film scenery and ride scenes, but not myself talking into the camera. I’d feel too weird with people around watching. Besides, I just don’t have the “look.” I feel as though my writing is more charismatic than my body language- however, the jury is still out on that as well! This blog only has 7 followers, after all.

Venturing into blogging and YouTube watching has brought to light a lot of questions about getting your name out there in the world of Social Media. How do I go about this? The only answer I’ve come up with so far is to try and keep going. Keep plugging away. After all, it can take YouTubers years of weekly videos to gain followers. Maybe it’ll take me years as well.

I’ll take this as a great learning experience, and I intend to practice on boosting my self-esteem every day. And maybe, just maybe…I’ll invest in some new, cute park clothes.

Any thoughts or words of advice?

Hugs and Fishes,


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