Disney Ears Haul!

Over the years, I’m proud (though some would say I should be ashamed) to have amassed a collection of custom Disney ears. I love wearing these ears to Disney, as they both put you in that magical mood, and make doing your hair SUPER easy.  They’re a big part of my “Disney Style,” you could say.

Here, in no particular order, is my collection (isn't it neat?):

Okay, so this first pair isn’t “custom”- it’s one that they actually sold at the Disney parks. However, it was my first pair of ears as an adult, and so I still hang on to them. I rarely wear them (as you can see, the red bow is bent), but they’re just so pretty and glittery. They put me in a good mood.

This Doctor Who/Disney mashup was a gift from my friend Heather (whom you may remember from her Guest Post). They incorporate a scene from one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes (“Vincent and the Doctor,” I believe it’s called), and I was so excited to receive these in the mail for my Christmas gift last year.

This Tangled-inspired set of ears was made by CME_Create on Instagram. She makes absolutely gorgeous ears, and I’ve gotten so many compliments on these. I was devastated when I once dropped them into the water on Pirates of the Caribbean, but luckily I retrieved them, and they dried quickly (No, I did not keep my hands and arms inside the boat. I’m sorry). She has a lot of “made to order” ears, so drop her a message on Instagram!

I had yet to find a pair of Live-Action Cinderella inspired ears, but luckily The Champagne Mouse came through! She has ready-made ears, but can also make custom ears, and you can find her on Instagram, her own website, and Facebook. This one did initially come with a tiara, which fell off. These ears are extremely detailed and delicate, so you have to be careful. They can also be a bit heavy. However, they are beautiful, and I feel like a princess wearing them.

These two were made by a small shop called We’ve Got Ears. I feel SO lucky to have these two in my collection, because her ears are very hard to get. They’re so popular that they sell out in minutes, and she only holds sales every so often. However, she is great to work with and really takes pride in her creations. I love having an Epcot pair and a Pandora: World of Avatar pair- that one is definitely coming with me on my trip in August!

When I was looking for “wire mouse flower crowns,” Kraus Haus Krafts was one of the first sites that came up. I got these Elsa-inspired ears, and I love their simplicity. They are slightly sparkly, yet still very princesses-y. I encourage everyone to check this shop out- it’s great if you’re looking for a nice, first custom pair of ears and don’t want to spend a ton of money.

I also own a bridal pair of Minnie ears from the Disney parks that I wore on my honeymoon, and that I still keep in a special place.

Keep in mind that all of these cost around $35-$40, plus shipping. Some of the turn-around time can be 2.5 weeks, since they are all handmade. Most of the ears come with instructions on how to care for them, pack for them, and wear them on rides.

Support small businesses, and feel free to message me with any question about custom ears!

Does anyone else have a pair, or want a pair of their own?

Hugs and Fishes,


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