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I must admit, when I visit a Disney theme park, style usually isn’t the first thing on my mind. I’m usually focused on wearing what’s most comfortable, and what’s most appropriate for the weather (whether it be the sweltering heat, or the daily afternoon rainstorms). However, as I’ve begun to follow more Disney social media princesses, I’ve learned that in order to gain more followers, I’ve got to focus more on my Disney aesthetic- and thus, my Disney style.

I’m sure my collection will grow (and my wallet will shrink), but here are a few of my favorite Disney accessories to wear; inside and outside the parks:

Magic Band:

All Disney super-fans know that a stylish Magic Band is a must, preferably one that matches your outfit. I’ve started a nice collection of Magic Bands by now, but my favorite by far is this Dooney and Bourke Magic Band- it goes with almost everything, and it just looks fancy. My husband got this for me as a gift, and I love how sophisticated it makes me feel- which is a rare feeling when I’m sweating my bum off in a theme park.


Rapunzel Hair Bow:

I actually don’t wear hair bows at all- my hair is really thick, and it’s hard enough to keep a barrette in there all day, nevertheless a pretty hair bow. This proves especially more difficult when I’m running around from ride to ride. However, I ended up winning this bow from @shemakesglamour on Instagram during a giveaway contest. I’ve never won anything in my life, and Rapunzel is one of my favorite characters, so I do make a real effort to wear this bow. And coincidentally, it goes great with one of my Tangled tank tops (to be featured in a future blog post).



Two of my favorite Disney bracelets include one I got from Aladdin: The Musical during a trip to New York City, and a Pandora knock-off that my Mother-in-Law got for me. Even though it’s not a “real” Pandora, I still adore this bracelet because one of the charms has my favorite quote on it: “Some people are worth melting for.” This quote is actually engraved on the inside of my wedding ring, and it was a complete coincidence. As for the Aladdin bracelet, I love it because of how colorful it is and how many charms are on it, plus it brings back tons of memories of our trip to the city. However, though the bracelets do pair nicely with my Magic Band, they
tend to make my wrists hot and sweaty, so some days in the parks I choose to go without them.


For years, my favorite bag to wear in the theme parks was a cross-body that I bought in the Morocco pavilion at Epcot. It was gorgeous and colorful, but poorly made. Threads kept coming off of it, and though it did fit quite a lot (my wallet, water bottles, phones, chargers, etc.), it always felt as though the bottom were about to fall apart.

I had always envied the Disney Dooney and Bourke line of purses they sold at the Disney shops and online, but they were always way too expensive, and practically every (wealthy) tourist had them- there weren’t a lot of variety in the designs. But they did have a limited quantity of Haunted Mansion purses that I loved, and those seemed to be a bit less popular with the crowds. However, my husband knew I loved them, and one day I came home to a brand new Haunted Mansion-themed Dooney and Bourke cross-body that’s absolutely perfect to take to the Disney theme parks. My husband had surprised me with it after my guest article for the www.worldofwalt.com website came out, and now I even take it to work with me- it’s like bringing a bit of the magic into my everyday routine.

This item is no longer sold on the Disney Store website, but can be found on eBay.

Compact Mirror:

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get really paranoid when I’m out in public and feel like there’s something stuck in my teeth after I eat. So, having a mirror on me is a must. Luckily, I found this beautiful compact while shopping at Sephora in Disney Springs- I carry it with me all the time and it has a lovely quote on the back that reads, “The right shoe can transform your life.” On the front is a silhouette of Cinderella in her ball gown, surrounded by a clock that resembles the clock on Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. It’s a great keepsake, beauty tool, and piece of the magic all in one.



Let me know what your Disney style choices are, and keep an eye out for other pieces of my Disney style inspiration, including household items and clothing!

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10 thoughts on “Disney Style- Accessories

  1. Thank you .Now I know what to take with me to the park . Of course I will have to have a big sign on my top that said It is my bday today ( I am so modest ) .

    1. Haha, you definitely need to stop by the front of the park (where they sell the tickets, or guest relations) and ask for a Birthday Button! They’ll write your name on it and you can wear it all day! Everyone will wish you happy birthday, and in restaurants, you may even get a free dessert or two! I’ll write more about buttons soon- birthday buttons are free!

  2. I love this! As someone who doesn’t get to go to Disney parks to often as they’re all so far away I love Disney accessories and clothes!! My fave is the Aladdin charm bracelet it’s so cute!!

    1. Thank you! I feel the same way when I read U.K. Blogs, I would love certain beauty items or Primark accessories, but it’s so far away! Thanks for comment!!

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