The Last Bookstore and Conan Taping

the last bookstore

Tunnel of books in The Last Bookstore

I’m really excited to be posting this last installment of our LA 2015 trip, right before we’re about to head out there again! It’s been great to reminisce, look back at pictures, and go over what we already did, what we learned, and what we plan to do this time.

Pine & Crane

For our last day out West, we headed to Pine & Crane for some authentic Asian street food, thanks to a recommendation from my sis-in-law (who always comes in clutch with the food recs). This wasn’t our first foray into Asian food out in LA- we had been to Koreatown and Chinatown earlier in the week, chowing down on some great Korean BBQ and Dim Sum. However, this was the only restaurant where I didn’t feel shy about taking pictures.

pine and crane

pine and crane

One thing that amazed me about restaurants in LA was that there were signs everywhere saying that you had to request water. We were visiting in the middle of a drought out there, so this made sense. Still, I was so used to sitting down in a restaurant and having water brought out right away- it didn’t occur to me that I would have to ask. This wasn’t a bad thing, just an interesting occurrence.

The Last Bookstore

Later that evening, we strolled (okay, drove) around downtown LA with one destination in mind: The Last Bookstore. I am a HUGE bookworm, and this was supposedly one of the largest used bookshops in the world. It was also decorated in a sort of “apocalypse-chic” motif, as if the world was ending and this really was the last bookstore to exist.

We arrived, and it was indeed a very hip place. I felt like a total hipster as I browsed the shelves and walked through tunnels made of books. All the rooms were themed according to genre (for instance, the mystery and horror books were in a room designed to look like a bomb shelter), and I couldn’t stop looking at all the details, let alone the titles on the spines of the books. I was in book heaven.

the last bookstore

the last bookstore

Interior of The Last Bookstore

Conan- Live Taping

I did walk away with a handful of books, and from there, we made our way back to the Warner Brothers’ Studios. Luckily, I had scored tickets for a Conan O’Brian live taping months before our trip, and I just found out the guest star for our night- Daniel Radcliffe. As in, Harry Potter himself. I was freaking out. He would be there to promote the movie Victor Frankenstein.

We sat in the waiting area for about an hour or two (along with, I could tell, many other Harry Potter fans in their house scarves), and then made our way to the sound-stage. I noticed our tour guide from the other day, and she gave us a friendly wave (sadly, she did not offer us VIP tickets or anything else of the sort, as I was hoping- I really thought we had bonded during our 2-hour tour).

conan o brian

I had never been to a live show taping of anything before, and I must say, it is a pretty cool experience. Everything happened so quick and seamlessly, and it was fun to watch all the camera crews and assistants running around. Conan is SO freaking tall, and Daniel Radcliffe is so much shorter than I imagined. You could tell Conan was a pro- he barely needed his cue cards, and never fumbled a take. At the end of the taping, he even came into the audience and serenaded us with a little farewell/”thank-you for coming” song.

My husband is a big fan of Conan, so I’m really glad we got to see something that he enjoyed (since he does tolerate a LOT of Disney for me). It was just a really cool experience in general- next time, I’d love to see Ellen!

dave smith

On the agenda for this trip (2017):

  • Santa Monica Pier
  • LACMA (Urban Lights)
  • Disney California Adventure
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Griffith Park Observatory and Planetarium
  • Hollywood Sign Hike
  • D23 Expo!

Stay tuned to read more about our LA Adventures!

LA Trip Part 4

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