Things I’ve Learnt as a New Blogger

It’s a been a crazy adventure ever since I became a new blogger, and started taking blogging seriously. I have two books published, and I want to eventually make writing my main career and publish a third book. In a recent book entitled “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Getting Book Published,” it says that to become a more established writer, you should start a blog tailored to your specific topic of interest. So, that’s what I did.

I thought I would publish a few posts and that my blog would blow up overnight. Um, not quite. Blogging takes a LOT of work. It’s more of a lifestyle change than it is a hobby, and it takes a lot of dedication- which is hard when you have a full-time job.

Here are a few things I’ve learned on my short (so far) journey:

  1. Promote the Crap Out of Your Posts

Tweet it. Instagram it. Pin it on Pinterest. Link it on Facebook. Make sure you tag all the blogger communities and ask for retweets. Like other blogs and comment on other blogs, hoping for the slimmest chance that you’ll get a comment in return. Do everything short of buying yourself a billboard and going door-to-door advertising the fact that you’ve published a new post. It’s sad, but no matter how supportive your friends and family are, sometimes they just don’t know how to follow your blog, or don’t think to share your posts. It’s okay. The longer you keep at it, I say, the longer you will get views and subscribers.

  1. Follow and Comment on Similar Blogs

I mentioned this above, but yes- the more you comment on other people’s blogs, the more of a chance there is that they’ll comment on yours. Leave substantial comments (not just “great post!”) and make sure to leave the link to your blog in the comments. Then cross your fingers and pray for the best.

  1. Join Blogging Communities and Interact on Twitter

For someone like me who has never used Twitter before, this is a hard one. But there are hundreds of accounts who, if you tag them, will retweet your posts. There are also users who occasionally will post that they’re looking for blogs and/or people to follow. Comment on these posts and tag these accounts to get a wider audience. It’s better than sitting and hoping that people will just stumble across your blog by accident.

  1. Make Your Blog Aesthetically Pleasing

Invest in a good app to make your photos look better. The blogs with prettier-looking photos get the most clicks. Also, make sure you have a good theme and a good header to go on top of your blog (I’m still working on this).

  1. Schedule Your Posts

I use the “Buffer” app to schedule posts and tweets, so that they can be posted throughout the day. This is a tool that a lot of bloggers use.

  1. Use Catchy Post Titles

Haul articles, makeup reviews, lists, facts- these are all, sadly, more attention-grabbing than the personal articles and Disney fodder that I usually post on my blog.

  1. Post Consistently

I love to write, but with a job, finding time can be hard. Even on days when I do publish a post, views are dismal. I’m hoping that as I keep going, I can just link to older posts on the days where I don’t write anything new.


I’m still learning new things about blogging every day. Is there a good piece of advice you would give a new blogger?

Hugs and Fishes,


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    1. Yes, Twitter has been awesome! And I didn’t know there were blogging groups on Facebook, I will have to look into that! Thanks for reading ☺️

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