Unpopular Disney Opinions- Part II

Unpopular Disney Opinions

My first “Unpopular Disney Opinions” post was the most viewed article I’ve ever written on this blog. So, I decided to make a Part II! It’s so fun to write a potentially controversial article, but so gratifying to get those occasional “me too!” comments. This is all in good fun- I love Disney, but I think we can all agree, it’s not perfect. Here are some of my other unpopular Disney opinions: 

I Love “it’s a small world”

I know this isn’t that unpopular of an opinion, but most people I travel to Disney World with make fun of this attraction to no end. I quite like it; it’s not my favorite ride, but it’s air-conditioned and rarely has that long of a wait (and if it does, you can usually get a Fast Pass easily). It’s a classic Disney attraction, and it’s something everyone can experience. Yes, the song is a little grating on the ears, but it’s not that bad. I’ll ride this attraction whenever I have the chance.

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor Doesn’t Belong in Tomorrowland

I like the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor (even if I don’t enjoy the stress of being singled out of a crowd for audience participation). However, I don’t see how the theming fits Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. Monster’s Inc. has nothing to do with space or technology. I guess you could argue that turning the power of laughter into energy for a fictional city is a techie tie-in, but that’s a reach. I think this attraction would fit in much better at Hollywood Studios- in Pixar Place, of course. Lord knows they could use an extra ride or two.

Na’vi River Journey Is a Disappointment

I feel like I’m going to get a lot of hate for this. Is the Shaman Audio-Animatronic impressive? Yes. Is this attraction worth a 90-minute wait? No. I really wanted to be blown away by how beautiful the ride is, but it was underwhelming for me. You can’t even take good pictures on it- you can’t use flash, and all the pretty lights just show up as blurs anyway (at least on my camera). The ride is also too short, in my opinion. If it was five minutes longer, I could understand the hype. However, whenever I’m in Pandora: The World of Avatar, my sights are set on Flight of Passage and nothing else.

I Have Very Little Interest in Club 33

I feel like this is just a thing for rich people with memberships to brag about. I’m sure it’s really cool and maybe there’s something I’m missing, but I’m honestly okay with never stepping foot in Club 33– even when they do bring it to Walt Disney World.

Conservation Station is a Hidden Gem

I’ll admit, I don’t usually go to Conservation Station, a.k.a Rafiki’s Planet Watch. The travel there is tedious- the only way to get there, and back to the rest of the park, is by train. This can take a long time. But when you do make the journey, there’s actually a lot to see, aside from the petting zoo. The train takes you through backstage animal homes, where you can often catch neat close-ups of animals (last time I went, I saw three rhinos hanging out). Then in the building is the vet hospital (with occasional animal operations taking place in the morning for guests to view), glass cases with frogs, insects, and snakes, little interactive booths that teach you about the importance of conservation, and character meet and greets (Doc McStuffins and, of course, Rafiki). The cast members who work here also happen to be some of the nicest I’ve ever met. It’s a nice thing to do if everything else at Animal Kingdom has a long wait, and your next Fast Pass isn’t for another two hours.

Some PAC Cast Members Appear TOO Aggressive

I know I just wrote a whole post in defense of cast members. And PAC (Parade Audience Control) cast members have the hardest job of all- they have to control the flow of guests during the nightly fireworks and castle projection shows (no more evening parade). Guests can get SUPER rude during this- they do NOT like being told to move, even if they’re standing in a walkway and posing a safety hazard. They want a good view of the fireworks, and to hell with the rules. I feel for the cast members having to put up with them. But some of these PAC cast members seem to be constantly on the defensive. On a particularly busy night, the crowds before Happily Ever After were insane. Guests were being directed all the way to the back of Main Street, even an hour before the show was due to start. I was forced to stand near the restrooms by the Tomorrowland Terrace. I didn’t have the best view, but it was okay.

However, these cast members just kept screaming at guests to stay within their taped sections, and not to move in the walkway. If you even put a toe outside the tape, a cast member would be on top of you within minutes. Of course, I totally understand that safety is the number one priority, but even once the show started they kept screaming. I could barely even hear the fireworks music. They were yelling even when no one was doing anything. I don’t have any suggestions to fix this, but I was uncomfortable that I would be yelled at the whole time.

I hate when I see others ranting about cast members, mostly because I was one. I’ve been in customer service and been screamed at and it is NOT fun. But cast members aren’t supposed to yell back- yes, you need to project your voice, but not scream in frustrated anger. I know not all PAC are this way, and most do a great job of keeping guests safe during the busy nighttime Magic Kingdom shows. But the angry cast members can definitely make for a non-magical evening.

Let Guests Enjoy Rose Gold Fever

I know a lot of people don’t get the Rose Gold phase. Ears, jerseys, cupcakes, and magic bands are just the beginning. People on Twitter call girls wearing the rose gold “basic.” Is the obsession a little silly? Yes. Is it hurting anyone? No. Let the guests enjoy wearing a pretty color- it could be worse. Soon a new obsession will replace it, and right now Disney is making tons of money off the rose gold-crazy consumers.


What do you all think? Do you agree or disagree? What are some of your Disney opinions?

Hugs and Fishes,


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8 thoughts on “Unpopular Disney Opinions- Part II

  1. I never really thought about it, but Monsters Inc. really doesn’t belong in Tomorrowland.
    We love Conservation Station. We enjoyed the train ride over too.
    Thank you for another good post.

    1. Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad you like Conservation Station too! I love the train ride. And yeah, Monsters Inc. could use a new home- once I thought about it, it seemed so out of place in Tomorrowland!
      Thanks again for reading ☺️

  2. I love It’s A Small World. I went on it twice when I was in Magic Kingdom last – once by myself. The line was walk-on and actually shorter than the fast pass line when I came back to ride the second time. I guess my unpopular opinion on it is that I actually love the song. I listen to it over and over again and it always puts me in a good mood. I also love that there is just so much to look at and take in that if I kept riding it, I’d probably notice something new each time.

    1. I love it too- I used to pretend I didn’t, but it gives me a happy, comforting feeling whenever I ride. I don’t love the song, exactly, but it brings back feelings of nostalgia, and I certainly don’t mind it. How could it not put you in a good mood? I’m so glad you can relate!

    1. There’s always next time! It’s not a “must do” exactly, and it’s impossible to do everything on a trip to WDW! Now you have a reason to come back! ☺️

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