Hi everyone!

A little intro…

I’m a past Disney cast member, and I love visiting Disney, taking photos, and sharing news/ride reviews, etc. I used to work as a “Conservation Education Presenter” (now “Wilderness Explorer”) at Animal Kingdom in the spring of 2012, and I miss it every day. In the meantime, my husband and I hold annual passes and live in South Florida- we try to visit the world as much as we can!

This is my little corner of the universe where I’ll discuss any Dis-related (and sometimes personal) topics that come to mind. I welcome any advice and opinions, and I encourage everyone to stick along while I figure this blogging thing out! I’m also just getting into makeup and hair at the ripe old age of late 20-something, so I might as well share those tips as well.

Below you’ll find a link of a book I wrote detailing my experiences as a Disney cast member at DAK (Disney’s Animal Kingdom):


Thanks everyone, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Hugs and fishes,

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